Alstom on Track for 72 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Commercials

Mitsubishi has completed the handover of the first ten of a total of 72 Outlander PHEV Commercial vehicles to Alstom Transport UK, one of the largest suppliers of high-speed and commuter rolling stock in the country.

A global leader in sustainable transport, Alstom has been part of the rail industry in the UK for over a century with one-third of all daily passenger rail journeys taking place on an Alstom train. Half of the trains on the London Underground are also made by Alstom.

Steve Ward, Pentagon Corporate Fleet. Sarah Gatley, Mitsubishi. Stephen Pensom, LeasePlan UK. Nadim Mehar, Alstom Transport.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV allows Alstom’s technicians to minimise their environmental impact, especially in urban areas where it can operate as a pure electric vehicle for up to 28 miles.

The combination of electric and petrol power can also yield fuel and emission savings on longer journeys too, where the Outlander PHEV does not need to seek out or wait for a vacant charge point, or tie its operator up while waiting for the batteries to charge.

However, if a rapid charger is available, the Outlander PHEV can be charged to 80% in just 20 minutes, the time it takes to grab a coffee and stretch one’s legs.

Mitsubishi was also able to provide the vehicles with special racking in the rear to accommodate the technicians’ tools and equipment. The vehicles will go into service immediately across the Eastern and Southern Regions along with Alstom’s Train Care Depots throughout the UK.

The rear of the Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial before fitting for Alstom

“We’re thrilled that Alstom Transport has chosen the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Commercial to help it go green when replacing its high-profile fleet of diesel vans,” commented Clive Messenger, general manager of fleet operations at Mitsubishi. “We are confident the company will benefit from the lower running costs and legendary reliability that PHEV is known for, while its operators will enjoy a more refined car-like driving experience. Above all, Alstom will drastically reduce the amount of CO2 and other emissions its fleet produced, in line with its motto of ‘Mobility by Nature’.”

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Nadim Mehar, Alstom Transport’s fleet manager, added “Sustainability is at the heart of everything Alstom does. We help people move in an environmentally friendly way with our electric trains, trams, metros and exciting new hydrogen trains, delivering products that will help make the world a greener place. Ensuring that our low emission commitment is fulfilled in all aspects of our business, Alstom has looked to reduce its road-vehicle emissions with Mitsubishi’s customised PHEV vans offering the perfect solution. Through our partnership with Mitsubishi, we will see our new fleet of purpose-built plug-in hybrid electric vans play their part in delivering mobility by nature.”