Volkswagen Amarok Trendline

A new 161bhp power output is now available on the Volkswagen Amarok 3.0TDi V6; undercutting the already-available 201bhp and 221bhp versions. Priced at £24,510 plus VAT, the new Amarok is more affordable but still packs plenty of punch with up to 450Nm on offer. Performance Volkswagen launched the 3.0-litre V6Continue Reading

Best Lifestyle Pickup for 2018

The Volkswagen Amarok has been announced at the ‘Best Lifestyle Pickup Truck’ at the 2018 Professional Pickup & 4×4 Awards. The 12-strong judging panel, which consisted of working professionals who use pickups as part of their daily lives, decided that the Volkswagen Amarok was the most comfortable and refined ofContinue Reading

Ford Ranger - Best Pickup for Towing

The Ford Ranger has been voted as the ‘Best Pickup for Towing’ by a jury of 12 industry professionals at the 2018 Professional Pickup & 4×4 Awards. With around three-quarters of pickup trucks fitted with tow bars at 3-years-old, the ability to tow is a huge aspect in the buyingContinue Reading

The Fiat Fullback has been named as the ‘Best Value Pickup Truck for 2018’ at the Professional Pickup & 4×4 Awards. Available from just £200 a month plus VAT, the Fiat Fullback is competitively priced and it comes with a generous amount of spec. Fiat Fullback prices and specification ThereContinue Reading

Despite being primarily a car event, there was plenty of exciting metal at the Geneva International Motor Show for pickup enthusiasts to drool over. Geneva is one of the biggest automotive events in the world, with over 700,000 visitors and almost 300 exhibitors expected to attend this year’s edition. ThereContinue Reading

Ford Ranger or Volkswagen Amarok

Increasing developments cost and tougher market competition has led Volkswagen AG and Ford Motor Company to announce a strategic alliance on light commercial vehicles back in June 2018. The talks were first revealed back in June 2018, but it was recently announced that Ford will be responsible for developing bothContinue Reading

VW Saveiro

Pickup trucks are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with more and more models to choose from each year. However, there are still a great deal of weird and wonderful pickups that aren’t, and are never likely to, go on general sale here. Here is our take on the TopContinue Reading

Ford Ranger driving

September 2017 registration figures released by the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) shows that sales of pickup trucks in the UK has slowed down over recent months. The market is up just 0.4% on the same month last year, compared with a 30% increase at the start ofContinue Reading