Few pickup trucks do tough like the Toyota Hilux, but the current model is far from the most powerful model on the market, so Toyota is addressing that by installing a larger, 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine in this year’s updated model.

Buying a new pickup truck is set to become a much harder choice from 2019, with a whole host of new vehicles joining the UK market in 2019 and 2020. In this article, we look at the new pickups that are set to hit UK showrooms in the coming years. Continue Reading

Toyota Hilux Invincible X 2019

Toyota has updated its flagship trim level on the Hilux with a new ‘black and grey’ theme and more safety features. The Toyota Hilux Invincible X 2019 model will be slightly more expensive (currently priced at £32,483 plus VAT) and will be available from August. The dark new look LikeContinue Reading

Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial Active

The Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial Active is the all-new trim level on the Land Cruiser Commercial and will hitting UK dealerships by the end of 2020. The Active has been introduced in response to customer demand as commercial models are only currently available in the standard ‘Utility’ spec. Toyota LandContinue Reading

Toyota Hilux Invincible 50

The Toyota Hilux Invincible 50 was launched last year to celebrate 50 years of the world’s best-selling mid-size pickup truck. Almost 18 million Hilux’s have been sold since 1968, and the anniversary model is packed full of juicy goodies. We put it to the test at Toyota’s inaugural ‘Parellel Pomeroy’Continue Reading

Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial 2018

The Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial rejoined the market in 2018, four years after the demise of the previous generation. Sales of Commercial 4x4s have fallen sharply since the demise of the Land Rover Defender, leaving the Land Cruiser and recently relaunched Discovery Commercial as the most viable options. Exterior TheContinue Reading

The Toyota Hilux Invincible X received a facelift over the summer, just two years after its initial launch. Only Invincible X models receive the restyled front end, which takes inspiration from Toyota’s North American pickup, the Tacoma. New exterior and interior design Same engine and driveline When the eighth-generation HiluxContinue Reading

In Asia, Australia, Africa and South America, pickup-derived-SUVs are big business with almost every manufacturer offering a model. In Europe, however, sales of large SUVs are much smaller and therefore only a handful have ever been available to UK customers. Ford Everest   Built in Thailand and developed by FordContinue Reading