The Volkswagen Amarok is the only pickup able to take a Euro pallet between the wheel arches, but what are the trucks other dimensions?

There have been various Volkswagen Amarok DPF problems reported to us by readers over the past couple of years, and we encountered this for ourselves during a long-term test of our own VW Amarok.

The second-generation Volkswagen Amarok, due in 2022, is expected to be manufactured at the Ford Silverton factory in South Africa for European customers.

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VW Amarok towing guide

The VW Amarok towing capacity is limited to just 3.1 tonnes on the 204PS and 258PS engines, and 3.0 tonnes on the 163PS engine. Along with the Fiat Fullback, this is the joint-lowest in the pickup sector with the vast majority now offering the full 3.5 tonnes. VW Amarok towingContinue Reading

VW Amarok Aventura 258PS

The VW Amarok Aventura is available for a second time. The Aventura replaces the Dark Label as the current limited-edition model to sit above the Highline, but it is packed with a lot more extras and – crucially – comes with the spine tingling 258PS/580Nm 3.0TDi V6 engine. At anyContinue Reading

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