Isuzu D-Max payload

In this Isuzu D-Max long-term update, we’re going to be looking at the weights and loads. The Isuzu D-Max payload is one of the best of all the double cabs, at up to 1,126kg, but this differs depending on the trim level and transmission.

Isuzu D-Max kerbweight

Downsizing from the veteran 2.5-litre engine to the newly-developed 1.9DDi in 2017, the Isuzu D-Max managed to shed around 40kg in weight. This reduces the kerbweight to 1,718kg for the single cab Utility to 1,944kg for the double cab Blade.

This compares to 2,189kg for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, 2,150kg for the Toyota Hilux Invincible and 1,998kg for the Nissan Navara Tekna.

By keeping similar gross vehicle weights (GVWs), that 40kg weight saving is transferred directly to the payload – meaning that the Isuzu D-Max can now carry more than each of its competitors.

Isuzu D-Max payload – Utility

  • Single-cab 4×2 – 1,282kg
  • Single-cab 4×4 – 1,196kg
  • Extended-cab 4×4 – 1,141kg
  • Double-cab 4×4 – 1,106kg

Isuzu D-Max payload – Eiger

  • Extended-cab – 1,141kg
  • Double-cab – 1,126kg
  • Double-cab auto – 1,121kg

Isuzu D-Max payload – Yukon

  • Double-cab manual – 1,106kg
  • Double-cab auto – 1,101kg

Isuzu D-Max payload – Utah

  • Double-cab manual – 1,096kg
  • Double-cab auto – 1,091kg

Isuzu D-Max payload – Blade

  • Double-cab manual – 1,106kg
  • Double-cab auto – 1,101kg

How it compares to other models

We’ve pitched the entry-level model, the D-Max Utility single cab manual, against equivalent its key spec-for-spec rivals (Ford Ranger XL SC, Mitsubishi L200 4Life SC and Toyota Hilux Active SC) to see how it compares. All weights do not include the weight of the driver (75kg):

  1. Ford Ranger Regular 4×4 (1,307kg)
  2. Isuzu D-Max Utility SC 4×4 (1,196kg)
  3. Mitsubishi L200 4Life SC (1,135kg)
  4. Toyota Hilux Active SC 4×4 (1,105kg)

For the second comparison, we’re comparing the flagship, double-cab technical specs:

  1. Toyota Hilux Invincible X (1,120kg)
  2. Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian (1,120kg)
  3. Isuzu D-Max Blade manual (1,106kg)
  4. Ford Ranger Wildtrak (1,078kg)
  5. Nissan Navara Tekna (1,047kg)

For a detailed look at other aspects of the D-Max, visit the Isuzu D-Max long-termer page.

Isuzu D-Max payload

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