Jeep Scrambler preview – all we know so far

The upcoming Jeep Scrambler pickup could soon be on sale in the UK, according to Jeep UK boss Damien Dally. The Jeep Scrambler is a pickup truck variant of the next-generation Wrangler, which is due to go on sale in America in 2018.

Jeep Scrambler – sounds familiar?

Does the name ring any bells? Jeep enthusiasts will of course know that the ‘Scrambler’ name harks back to the CJ-8 Scrambler (a long wheelbase, pickup version of the CJ-7) that was produced between 1981 and 1986.

Why is Jeep launching a pickup?

Jeep’s parent company, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), has quite a number of issues globally. Sales of Fiat aren’t flattering, while Chrysler’s are falling considerably and the brand could dip below 1% market share in its home market for the first time.

However, Jeep itself is performing extremely well. Sales have more than doubled in the past five years and is on track to reach two million sales by 2018. FCA is keen to capitalise on the popularity of the Jeep brand, and is keen to explore new markets – including pickup trucks with the launch of the new Wrangler next year.

Will it be coming to the UK?

In the UK, the Wrangler made up just 300 of the Jeep’s 14,090 sales during 2016. It’s mainly sold to lucrative lifestyle and leisure customers, and Jeep’s UK boss has confirmed that he’s giving the Scrambler serious consideration given the high prices that this market is willing to pay.

What do we know about the Jeep Scrambler?

There is still very little information known about the Scrambler, or the Wrangler on which it is based. Early reports that it would be based on an aluminium chassis to reduce weight have since been dismissed.

In terms of size, we do know that the Jeep Scrambler will be 5,125mm long; around 800mm longer than the four-door Wrangler but about the same length as a standard one-tonne pickup. The only engine confirmed so far is VM Motori’s 3-litre V6 diesel engine, which already powers fellow FCA Group pickup, the Ram 1500 (producing 240hp/570Nm).

When will it arrive?

The Jeep Wrangler is still on track to go into production later this year, but the bosses at Jeep have stated that pickup production will be delayed at least two years (until 2019) to get the volume sellers out of the way.

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Jeep Scrambler preview – all we know so far

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