Maxus Teases New Pickup Concept

Maxus is moving fast, teasing a new pickup truck concept despite releasing the updated T70 just last year.

Revealing nothing more than a teaser image, there’s little information to get into. However, it’s clear that this will sit in the mid-size pickup market, alongside the likes of the Nissan Navara and Ford Ranger.

The Chinese automaker, previously using the LDV brand in the UK, is hinting at chasing the consumer and lifestyle market with this sketch, thanks to the inclusion of a neatly integrated roof box and rear sports roll bar.

It’s probable that this is the eventual replacement for the Maxus T70, and will be available in a double-cab option that’s more suited to commercial needs.

The Maxus T70 pickup predates the concept
The recently-launched Maxus T70

Still, we like what little we can see of the new truck; there’s a blunt front end with the usual Maxus grille shape, but this time it’s surrounded by slim, high-set lights that look like they belong on a concept vehicle.

Fenders are broad and flared, as is the trend, while the windscreen has a significant rake to it – this is likely to be a designer’s wish rather than how the end product will appear. The rear pillar has hints of Navara about it, while the sports roll bar masks much of the rear detail.

SAIC, the parent company of Maxus, is working on many different electric drivetrains, so it’s possible to speculate that this concept pickup could be a new EV model to rival the larger US-bred electric trucks that are launching soon.

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