Brabus gets its mitts on the X-Class

Aftermarket tuning company Brabus has finally got its mitts on Merc’s latest model, the X-Class. The ‘D4 PowerXtra performance upgrade’ offers more power, spec and bigger wheels than the standard X-Class, which has transformed the X-Class into a true Chelsea Tractor (if it wasn’t one already!).

Exterior styling

After the distinctive ‘Brabus’ logo on the grille, the most obvious difference on the D4 PowerXtra is the wheels. In place of the 18-inch alloys, Brabus has installed a set of 20-inch ‘Monoblock X’ seven-spokes with 285/45 R 20 high-performance tyres (from Continental, Pirelli or Yokohama) for that dazzling effect, which is complemented by the chunky mount for the front number plate, LED lightbars, which engage on full beam, and quad tailpipes to emphasise more power.

Engine and performance

Speaking of power, Brabus has played around with the ECU to obtain an extra 20bhp (to 208bhp) and 60Nm (to 610Nm). In terms of real-world performance, this only reduces the 0-62mph sprint slightly (down 0.3 seconds to 11.5) but the extra torque should make towing or climbing steep climbs much easier.

The 2.3-litre engine, developed by Daimler’s alliance partner Renault, is mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission.


Brabus, however, hasn’t gone to the same lengths inside. There are aluminium pedals, for that sports car effect, and ‘Brabus’ branded stainless steel scuff plates and the ability choose pretty much any shade or style of leather upholstery imaginable but, apart from that, its business as usual on the inside.

Pricing and future

Prices for the X-Class Brabus, based on the X250D, will start from around £42,000 plus VAT, an £8,000 premium on the base vehicle. Beofre you place your orders, however, be aware that Brabus has already started work on the X350D, which is the 3.0-litre V6 variant available from September. Power ratings and prices have yet to be announced for this version.

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