Nissan Navara AT32

Nissan has joined forces with Arctic Trucks to produce a special-edition pickup truck. The Nissan Navara AT32 doesn’t just look the part; it has been adapted to take on the harshest of environments with a host of key upgrades and we took it off the tarmac to put it through its paces.

Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32

Nissan Navara Off-Roader AT32

Arctic Trucks should be a familiar name for Professional Pickup readers by now; they teamed up with Isuzu for the D-Max AT35 three years ago and there’s also been a recent collaboration with Toyota for the Hilux AT35. But, of course, they’re best known for their south pole expedition with Top Gear in 2007.

Not your average Navara

Even from a sweeping glance, it’s obvious that the Nissan Navara AT32 has been heavily modified. Apart from the obvious lift, 17-inch piano black alloys have been added with 275/70R17 Rotiiva all-terrain tyres.

Other features include wide wheel arch extensions, underbody protection plates covering the engine, transmission, propeller and fuel tank and the optional snorkel – which raises the wading depth by 200mm to 800mm. There is also an additional front differential lock for extreme off-road applications.

The Nissan Navara AT32 is, however, still powered by the 2.3-litre dCi engine which produces 188bhp/450Nm, making it more powerful than the other two Arctic Truck models (from Isuzu and Toyota). Due to the extra weight and increased ride height, we found that the fuel economy dropped around 8% from 34.9mpg to 32.2mpg in real-world figures.

How it measures up

The suspension has also been lifted which, when combined with the chunkier tyres, results in a 40mm increase in ride height (now 263mm). The approach angles, departure angles and ramp over angles have also been raised to 35-degrees (30.4 standard), 28-degrees (25.5 standard) and 24-degrees (22.2 standard) respectively, which keeps it out of harms way of nasty rocks and – despite this rocky terrain – we didn’t experience any worrying scrapes or bumps.

While the 188bhp and 450Nm output certainly sounds good, we often felt that the Navara AT32 was underpowered, especially when climbing steep inclines. However, Nissan’s 4WD system, front and rear differential locks and the Rotiiva AT tyres were a formidable partnership and ensured we maintained traction at all times.

Nissan Navara AT32 price and availability

Nissan Navara AT32 v Tekna

Nissan Navara AT32 v Tekna

Despite the extra weight, the Nissan Navara AT32 maintains it’s one-tonne payload (1,025kg) and is therefore VAT reclaimable. The AT32 is listed at £39,335 and £41,035 plus VAT for the manual and automatic versions respectively, and this is backed by Nissan’s respectable 5-year, 100,000 miles warranty.

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Nissan Navara AT32

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