Skoda Mountiaq Shows What Could Be

Students at the Skoda Vocational School in the Czech Republic have designed Mountiaq, a stunning, modern example of the compact pickup truck that was popular in the 80s and 90s.

Every year, the Skoda Vocational School holds its ‘Student Car’ project where its apprentices from design, production and technical, collaborate to design a new vehicle. This year’s team of 35 came up with the Mountiaq.

“Like its predecessor models, the Skoda Mountiaq highlights the exceptional technical competence and craftsmanship of our students. Year after year, their work demonstrates the superior quality of the professional training at our vocational school”, explains Carsten Brandes, head of the Skoda Academy.

The apprentices started their work on the new car in autumn 2018 and production kicked off in January, after 2,000 hours of work. They were given a new Kodiaq and started by reinforcing the chassis to suit the tougher stresses of off-road commercial vehicles.

Bespoke storage in the Skoda Mountiaq

Next, they removed the roof of the SUV and fashioned a rear panel for the cabin, as well as a new rear window and side windows. The area behind the cab of the Mountiaq features a load bed with a hidden storage compartment underneath.

The students shortened and widened the doors, adjusting them to fit within the wider overall proportions of their vehicle. The appearance of the car was rounded off harmoniously by modified bumpers at the front and rear.

Running boards on the door sills and the completely redesigned rear radiate rugged appeal and underline the Mountiaq’s visual presence. One of the project’s greatest challenges for the students was the integration of a fully functional tailgate.

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The Skoda Mountiaq winch

Skoda Mountiaq: Design

The Mountiaq is 4,999 millimetres long, 2,005 millimetres wide and 1,710 millimetres tall. The wheelbase is 2,788 millimetres, and the vehicle weighs in at 2,450 kilograms. For enhanced off-road capabilities, the trainees increased their one-off model’s ground clearance by ten centimetres over that of the Kodiaq Scout, to a full 29 centimetres.

They achieved this in part by fitting 17-inch Rockstar II wheels as well as special off-road tyres with a particularly deep tread. The new wheels also increased the Mountiaq’s track width by three centimetres. A muscular 2.0-litre petrol engine delivers an ample 190hp of power.

The student’s Skoda Mountiaq, standing on those rugged off-road wheels, is a real head-turner. With its raised air intake snorkel and the winch at the front, framed by a bullbar, the concept car immediately commands attention. The winch, and its specially designed mount, are built to withstand the most extreme stresses encountered in off-road use.

The students displayed particular creativity in designing the lighting for the Mountiaq. In addition to the illuminated load bed, the Skoda Mountiaq’s radiator grille, brand logo on the bonnet and engine bay all feature lighting effects as well. The front doors project a Skoda logo onto the road, and the pickup’s front section sports new fog lights.

Other standout design features are the unique light bar on the roof and the special Sunset Orange paint finish developed by the students.

As in previous years’ Student Concept Cars, the apprentices demonstrated their inventiveness by including ingenious small details such as a glowing Skoda logo in the roof lining, designed by themselves, along with an integrated refrigerator, 3D-printed wheel hub ornaments and two walkie-talkies that are part of the vehicle.

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A very special feature created by this year’s class is the logo the students designed for the Skoda Mountiaq: a car in front of a mountain silhouette. Embroidered in orange on the front seats’ backrests, it picks up the hue of the exterior paint finish as well as the colours of the orange highlights on the steering wheel and shift lever.

The distinctive Skoda Mountiaq interior

As a genuine Skoda, the Mountiaq – like every production model made by the brand – comes with signature Simply Clever ideas like the new integrated funnel for the windscreen washer tank. And the students added a very special sound system to the Kodiaq base model’s Columbus infotainment system: the 320-watt speakers are now complemented by a 2,000-watt amplifier and a 2,000-watt subwoofer.