Tesla Cybertruck: What We Know so Far

There are no prizes for guessing which was the most talked-about pickup truck of 2019: The Tesla Cybertruck.

With a 1,600kg payload, a 0-60mph sprint time of less than three seconds and a colossal 6,350kg towing capacity, the Tesla Cybertruck certainly pulls some impressive figures – but is it all a joke?

The Tesla Cybertruck launch captivated audiences around the world with over 100 million people across the world tuning in. Just like Tesla’s billionaire founder and CEO, the premiere was bizarre and unconventional with hammer bashings and metal ball throwing – although the latter backfired when the windows smashed.

Is This the Finished Product?

There are certain aspects of the vehicle – for example the headlights and lack of door mirrors – that don’t currently meet US regulatory standards but it’s likely the boxy, unorthodox looks will remain. The Cybertruck measures 5,885mm in length (about half a metre longer than a standard double-cab), 1,905mm high and 2,027mm wide.

The traditional body-on-frame chassis that most pickup truck use wouldn’t leave enough room for the batteries and so Tesla has opted for a unibody structure – which it calls an ‘exoskeleton’. The body panels are unusually thick at 3mm.

Interior and Specification

On the inside, the Tesla Cybertruck is just as distinctive but surprisingly bare – or at least the prototype is. The simplified dashboard has been given a marble-like finish been stripped of most features – almost everything is controlled via the 17-inch central display.

There are six seats (two three-seat benches), although the middle seat in the front folds down to become a central armrest. Other features include the digital rear-view camera and a racing car steering wheel.

Tesla Cybertruck Technical Data

There are three variants of the Cybertruck which have completely different performances and capabilities:

  • Single Motor RWD. 250 mile range. 0-60mph in 6.5s. Top speed of 110mph. 1,600kg payload. 3,400kg towing capacity. $39,900 (£30,200).
  • Double Motor AWD. 300 mile range. 0-60mph in 4.5s. Top speed of 120mph. 1,600kg payload. 4,550kg towing capacity. $49,900 (£37,800).
  • Tri Motor AWD. 500 mile range. 0-60mph in 2.9s. Top speed of 130mph. 1,600kg payload. 6,350kg payload. $69,900 (£52,950).

Tesla hasn’t announced the size of the batteries, but its thought there will be around 100kWh (Single Motor), 140kWh (Double Motor) and 200kWh (Tri Motor). The power and torque figures are expected to reach as high as 800hp and 1,350Nm on the Tri Motor.

Tesla Cybertruck Payload and Towing

On all models, the load bed is highly practical – offering 2.0m of load length (usually around 1.5-1.6m on a standard double-cab pickup). There is an automated roller shutter (similar to a tonneau cover) which creates a 2.8m³ load area. The load area also features 110v and 220v AC outlets, and a compressed air outlet for pneumatic tools.

The Cybertruck unveiled in November had ramps built into the tailgate to showcase the Cyberquad electric ATV, which can be charged using ports in the load bed. Elon Musk claimed the air-conditioning is available in the load area for recreational purposes like camping.

Price and Availability

Tesla says the Cybertruck will enter production in late 2021, with more variants added in 2022. Prices vary between $39,900 (£30,200) and $69,900 (£52,950) and, already, over 250,000 orders have been placed; 42% choosing the double-motor, 41% choosing the tri-motor and 17% choosing the single-motor configuration.

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