The AMG X-Class We’re Never Going to Get

If you think the V6-powered Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a bit of beast, then how would you have liked the chance to drive an AMG X 63?

Sadly, such a thing has never existed, but that’s not stopped designer Kleber Silva from working out what it might have looked like.

Working from his studio in Brazil, Silva took the existing Mercedes-Benz X-Class and gave it a front end reminiscent of the AMG GT. The headlights have been swapped out for more shapely units, while the grille takes on the GT’s broad sweep, heightened to accommodate the bulk of the X-Class.

Finished in something close to AMG’s Solarbeam Yellow, Silva has matched the brake calipers to the bodywork and added a contrasting black sports bar and purposeful black cross-spoke forged wheels. Behind them sit carbon-ceramic brake discs, suggesting that the AMG X-Class would have serious performance.

What an AMG X-Class might look like
Image courtesy of Kleber Silva

There is already an engine in the Mercedes-AMG range that would suit a hot X-Class, and that’s the 4.0-litre biturbo V8 unit that sits under the bonnet of the AMG G 63. With 585hp and a monster 850Nm of torque, here’s enough force to take the X-Class to 62mph in under five seconds.

While rumours of a Mercedes AMG X 63 4Matic have swirled around since the introduction of the X-Class in 2017, there is now no chance of the vehicle ever hitting the market, as production of the pickup truck ended earlier this year due to poor sales.

Pickup users frequently highlight the steep price tag for the X-Class as a reason for ordering a rival truck, and an AMG X-Class would have done nothing to dispel that thought, but it’s nice to imagine what we could have had.

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