Top 10 New Defender Lookalikes

The boxy design of the all-new Land Rover Defender has created quite a stir on social media, with many of our readers on Insta, Facebook and Twitter commenting to the similarities to a range of other vehicles – some of which we understand; and others have left us questioning the eyesight of particular readers.

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Here’s our pick of the Top 10:

10 – Kia Soul (2008-Present)

Apart from the boxy design, we can’t really see this one. Introduced in 2008, the Soul helped Kia onto the world stage with around 1.5 million sales globally – almost 1m of which were sold in the US.

9 – Skoda Yeti (2009-2017)

The Yeti; Skoda’s short-lived compact SUV based on VW’s ‘A5’ platform. Despite only running for eight years, the Yeti went into production in six different countries and Skoda is currently lining up a successor. Credit Luke Evans.

8 – Fiat Panda MK3 (2011-Present)

The Panda name first appeared in 1980 and it gone on to sell over 5 million examples globally.

7 – Lada Niva (1977-Present)

Say what you like about the Lada Niva; it’s a tough and nimble little thing – both physically and metaphorically. It can scale the Ural mountains, it survived the collapse of the USSR, and – despite a barrage of high-end 4×4 imports into Russia from Japan, the US and Europe – production continues to this day. Hat tip Craig McCarthy.

6 – Honda Ridgeline MK1 (2004-2015)

This rather hideous pickup was Honda’s first attempt at building a mid-size pickup for America, and the design cues suggest there’s plenty of room left for improvement.

5 – Ford Flex (2008-Present)

The Ford Flex looks like a large SUV that’s been stood on; its geometric proportions don’t sit right at all. Now into its tenth year and sales continuing to prove strong, the Americans seem to think otherwise.

4 – Land Rover Freelander 1 (1997-2006)

While the Freelander is definitely bubblier, there’s something about the grille design of the first generation that bears a strong resemblance to the front end of the Defender.

3 – Toyota FT-4X (Concept)

This concept was recently revealed in the US and there are plans to put it into production at Toyota’s Alabama plant, that currently produces the Corolla.

2 – Nissan Xterra MK2 (2005-2015)

The second-gen Xterra was on sale between 2005 and 2015, and sold relatively well in the US – of course aided by its mammoth 4.0-litre V6.  

1 – Honda Element (2003-2011)

Topping our list for the 2020 Defender lookalike is the Honda Element. Everything from Defender’s general square design and amplified grille looks like its been plucked straight from the Element. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t sell well and was pulled from sale in its eighth year. Cheers Neal Harper!

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Top 10 New Defender Lookalikes

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