Volkswagen testing 4.0TDi V8 in Amarok

Volkswagen is testing its brutish 4.0TDi V8 unit (codenamed ‘EA 898’) inside the Amarok, Professional Pickup & 4×4 can reveal. The engine, which also powers the likes of the Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Panamera, was tuned to 416hp and 850Nm.

Power struggle

VW 4.0TDi V8 EA898 engine
VW 4.0TDi V8 EA898 engine

Compared to North America, European pickup trucks are very mild when it comes to oomph. Instead of the 500+ hp V8s, the biggest engines that we’ve had are the V6s in the likes of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, VW Amarok and the previous generation Nissan Navara and Isuzu Rodeo and, of course, the 3.2-litre 5-pot in the Ford Ranger.

Since 2016, Volkswagen has dominated the power board with its 3.0-litre V6. Originally available in power ratings up to 221hp/550Nm, the company quickly raised it 255hp/580Nm shortly after Mercedes-Benz announced the 251hp/550Nm X350D.

However, it looks like Volkswagen might be extending its lead by introducing the 4.0-litre V8 in the Amarok. Over the past couple of months, the German manufacturer has been testing a prototype in the Austrian Alps and a reader of Professional Pickup, who heads up one of Europe’s largest fleets, caught a glimpse on a recent trip with them.

VW Amarok 4.0TDi engine specifications

The engine has a displacement of 3,956cc (83.0mm bore by 91.4mm stroke) and the 8 cylinders are mounted at 90, while the engine management has been taken care of by the Bosch CRS 3.25 system.

VW had to reduce the torque of the 251hp engine from 600Nm to 580Nm as there was too much torsional flex in the chassis, but the engineers appear to have overcome that problem as the V8 unit produces a colossal 416hp and 850Nm.

While the face and overall chassis dimensions appeared to have been the same, the vehicle is noticeably larger due to a 75mm lift and extended wheel arches. There were two dual tailpipe exhaust pipes at the back and a ‘substantial’ rear differential.

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