Volkswagen to discontinue the Amarok

Following announcements by Mercedes-Benz that the X-Class will be discontinued, Volkswagen has also stated that sales of the Amarok pickup will temporarily cease this year in Europe. The EU has this year imposed average emission limits for manufacturers, and VW has dropped the high polluting V6 Amarok in response.

However, Volkswagen has highlighted another reason for the cut. The Amarok is produced alongside the Transporter in Hannover (Germany) but Volkswagen is currently retooling the aging factory to produce electric models like the ID Buzz electric van.

Just 72,513 examples of the Amarok were sold by Volkswagen in 2019 – 10.4% less than in 2018 – the majority of which are built at VW’s other production facility in General Pacheco in Argentina, where manufacturing will continue for markets outside of Europe.

“Production in Hanover will finish in May this year”, remarked Alice Axtell, the Product Manager at VW Commercial Vehicles UK. “However, we will have built up enough stock to see us through until at least the end of the year”.

The EU has imposed an average limit of 147g/km for each LCV (light commercial vehicle – van and pickups) manufacturers’ vehicle range. In its ‘cleanest’ guise, the Amarok emits 231g/km and therefore lifts Volkswagen’s average range emissions significantly.

However, the second-generation Amarok – developed by Ford – is due in 2022 and is likely to go back on sale in Europe with a smaller and more environmentally-friendly 2.0-litre engine.  

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Volkswagen to discontinue the Amarok

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