Long Term Update: Volkswagen Amarok AdBlue Consumption

When its 3.0TDi V6 engines were rolled out in 2016, Volkswagen had to introduce AdBlue to the Amarok for the first time to meet the stringent Euro 6 emission standard.

In this article, we explain what AdBlue is, how it works, how much AdBlue is consumed by your Amarok, and how to top it up.

Pickup Trucks and AdBlue

Over the past 30 years, the European Commission has been forcing vehicle manufacturers to reduce the amount of tailpipe emissions by imposing limits. Every couple of years, the limits in these European Emission Standards (or simply Euro) are lowered.

In September 2016, the sixth version, Euro 6, was introduced for the registration of all new light commercial vehicles (type approval commenced one year previously) which included pickup trucks. The main focus of Euro 6 was nitrogen oxide, and the EC required an 80% reduction compared with Euro 5 levels.

Manufacturers with smaller engines, like Mitsubishi and Isuzu, could get away with a Lean NOx Trap (LNT) but these aren’t effective on larger engines like the Volkswagen Amarok’s 3.0TDi V6. Instead, Volkswagen has opted for the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) route, which requires diesel exhaust fluid, more commonly known by its brand name, AdBlue.

Volkswagen Amarok AdBlue warning

Volkswagen Amarok AdBlue Consumption

The size of the AdBlue tank on the Volkswagen Amarok is the smallest of all pickups at just 13 litres – it’s 17 litres on the Navara, and 20 litres on the Ranger. We received our 1,500-mile range warning at 4,100 miles, indicating a range of around 5,600 miles.

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There is an amber warning given once you drop below the 1,000-mile range, which then turns red if not acted upon. If you ignore these warnings further, the engine will not start once the ignition is turned off.

A 10-litre bottle of AdBlue can be purchased from most service stations and they cost around £10. Topping up is as simple as pouring it down the filler pipe marked ‘AdBlue’ next to the diesel filler pipe.

Volkswagen Amarok AdBlue filler