Volkswagen Amarok Dimensions

The Volkswagen Amarok is the only pickup able to take a Euro pallet between the wheel arches, but what are the trucks other dimensions?

Unlike most pickup trucks, there isn’t a multitude of Volkswagen Amarok dimensions as there’s only one derivative – a double cab – available in the UK, although developing markets also have a single cab. On this page, we list the Volkswagen Amarok’s overall dimensions, load area details, and even off-road limitations.

Volkswagen Amarok: Overall Dimensions

From the front bumper to the rear bumper, the Volkswagen Amarok measures 5,321mm, with a 3,097mm wheelbase. In terms of width, the Amarok measures 2,228mm from door mirror to door mirror, while the body width is narrower at 1,954mm. The overall height is 1,834mm. Find yourself ina tight space and you’ll discover the turning circle is 12.95 metres.

Volkswagen Amarok dimensions

Volkswagen Amarok: Load Area Dimensions

The Volkswagen Amarok has the largest load area in its class. While it isn’t quite the longest load bed at 1,555mm (see Longest Double-Cab Load Beds), it is by far the widest at 1,620mm and, at 1,222mm, the only pickup truck able to fit a Euro Pallet lengthways between the wheel arches. This equates to a total load area of 2.52 square metres, while the side walls measure up to 508mm.

Load Area DimensionsMeasurement
Load arealength1,555 mm
width1,620 mm
width between wheel arches1,222 mm
load area2.52 m2
Rear tailgatewidth1,364 mm
height508 mm

Volkswagen Amarok: Off-Road Dimensions

Volkswagen Amarok off-road dimensions

The ground clearance of the Volkswagen Amarok is just 192mm – lower than any other pickup truck – which helps its on-road handling but means you’re more likely to bottom-out when heading off-road. Similarly, you’re more likely to scrape the bumpers and beach yourself as the approach, departure and ramp over angles are rated at just 29.5, 18.0 and 15.6 degrees respectively.

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The wading depth is just 500mm which, again, is fairly low and means its more likely to intake water. If you’re looking to take your Amarok off-road regularly, it’s advised that you raise the suspension and possibly fit a snorkel.

Off-Road DimensionsMeasurement
Ground clearance192 mm
Wading depth500 mm
Approach angle29.5°
Departure angle18.0°
Ramp over angle15.6°