VW Amarok test
VW Amarok test

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has very kindly lent us an Amarok V6 Highline for a couple of months, so we can understand how the vehicle fares over longer periods of time. This page keeps you up to date with all our latest VW Amarok tests, and helps you keep track of the latest results.

Volkswagen Amarok specification

Sales of the Volkswagen Amarok have gone through the roof over the past 12 months, largely thanks to the new 3.0TDi V6 engine. But with two trim levels – and a special edition – to choose from, which is the best model for you? Read our Volkswagen Amarok Specification Guide to find out.

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Volkswagen Amarok V6 engine

VW Amarok V6 engine information

The VW Amarok V6 engine is the most powerful engine in the UK pickup truck market, producing up to 255bhp and 580Nm. Introduced in response to criticism that the previous 2.0-litre twin turbo models were underpowered in 2016, V6 Amaroks are renowned for their performance and finesse.

However, there is a choice of three power ratings so which one is the best for you and your business?

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Volkswagen Amarok dimensions

VW Amarok Dark Label load bed

Unlike most pickup trucks, there isn’t a range of VW Amarok dimensions as there’s only one derivative – a double cab – available in the UK (developing markets also have a single cab). In this article, we list the Volkswagen Amarok dimensions, in terms of the load area, off-road and the overall vehicle.

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Volkswagen Amarok Off-Road

VW Amarok off-road
VW Amarok off-road

With its super-smooth automatic transmission, refined 3.0-litre V6 engine and excellent composure going into the bends, the Volkswagen Amarok has won plaudits for its excellent ride and handling on the road, but is it equally as capable off the beaten track? Read our VW Amarok off-road review to find out!

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Volkswagen Amarok AdBlue Consumption

VW Amarok AdBlue consumption
VW Amarok AdBlue consumption

When the 3.0TDi V6 engines were rolled out 2016, Volkswagen had to introduce AdBlue to the Amarok for the first time in order to meet the stringent Euro-6 emission standard. In this article, we explain what AdBlue is and how it works, how much AdBlue is consumed and how to top it up.

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Volkswagen Amarok towing

VW Amarok towing guide
VW Amarok towing guide

The VW Amarok towing capacity is limited to just 3.1 tonnes on the 204PS and 258PS engines, and 3.0 tonnes on the 163PS engine. Along with the Fiat Fullback, this is the joint-lowest in the pickup sector with the vast majority now offering the full 3.5 tonnes.

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Volkswagen Amarok DPF problems

VW Amarok DPF problems
VW Amarok DPF problems

There have been various VW Amarok DPF problems reported to us by readers over the past couple of years, and we encountered this for ourselves during a long-term test. While there hasn’t been an official recall, we understand Volkswagen is currently investigating it due to the high number of early failures.

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Volkswagen Amarok fuel economy

VW Amarok V6 fuel economy
VW Amarok V6 fuel economy

With the price of diesel soaring 16p per litre over the past 12 months (November 2018), the mileage returns on each tank of fuel is increasingly important. The VW Amarok fuel economy has dropped, inevitably, since upsizing to the 3.0TDi V6 engine according to official figures to between 32.5 and 34.9mpg – but how does it perform in the real world?

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