Best Pickups for Payload

Payload is a huge issue for pickup truck operators; with the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards’ Agency) increasingly cracking down on overloading. While all of the major players meet the 1,045kg threshold required for VAT reclamation, the difference between the highest and lowest pickup truck payloads spans almost 200kg. This list gives the Top 5 Pickup Trucks for Payload:

5 – Mercedes-Benz X-Class payload – 1,087kg

Despite using the same platform as the Navara, the extra equipment, sound dampening and wider track of the X-Class means that it weighs almost 250kg more. Thankfully, Mercedes-Benz has updated the brakes and suspension so that it can carry more too, and it therefore just makes it into the Top 5. As the X-Class employs coil spring suspension at rear, loading anything more than 500kg leads to significant ‘sinking’.

4 – Isuzu D-Max payload – 1,126kg

The Isuzu D-Max was the second pickup truck, after the Ford Ranger, to offer a 3.5t towing capacity when it was launched in 2012. In terms of payload, it also ranks fairly well – offering up to 1,126kg on the base-spec Utility model.

3 – Toyota Hilux payload – 1,130kg

Toyota Hilux
Toyota Hilux

There’s a small 4kg step up from fourth to third with the Toyota Hilux. While single and extended cab models are capable of carrying larger payloads, the double-cab Toyota Hilux – in base-model (Active) form – is limited to 1,130kg payload.

2 – Volkswagen Amarok payload – 1,154kg

VW Amarok Dark Label
VW Amarok Dark Label

While the Volkswagen Amarok is the only pickup truck in our Top 5 not able to tow 3.5 tonnes, it does offer an impressive payload. The 3,290kg gross vehicle weight is the highest of any pickup, which is enough to carry the heavy Amarok chassis in addition to up to 1,154kg in payload.

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Best Pickup for Payload – Ford Ranger payload – 1,217kg

Ford Ranger - Best Pickup for Towing
Ford Ranger – Best Pickup for Towing

Ford increased the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the double-cab Ranger in April 2017 from 3,195kg to 3,270kg which means they can now carry 75kg more in the back. The double-cab Ranger XL 4×4 can carry 1,217kg which means it has the best payload by some margin (over 60kg).

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