Best Selling Pickup Truck in the UK

If you’ve looked at the monthly figures, there’s no doubt what the best-selling pickup truck in the UK was in 2020, with the Ford Ranger dominating the sales charts once again.

However, in a year ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing shutdown, the entire pickup market dropped by a huge 32.7%, with 35,691 trucks sold against 2019’s total of 53,115, according to the SMMT. However, there was a bright spot in September, when sales improved over 2019’s before the country was then plunged back into restrictive tiers.

The year also saw the end of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, while the Volkswagen Amarok is at the end of its life, with production halting back in May. Mitsubishi’s announcement that it will be leaving the UK market has also knocked confidence.

The new year looks like being every bit as turbulent, with Mitsubishi’s exit, a lack of Isuzu D-Max stock, Amarok’s (temporary) disappearance and rumours of another model departing.

But, for now, let’s look back at 2020 and see what pickups you bought over the year. Bringing up the rear is the SsangYong Musso, the comfortable and capable pickup finding just 406 new owners. Seventh place goes to the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, with 831 sold before stocks ran dry. Ahead of that, with 2,090 sales, is the Volkswagen Amarok – another truck at the end of its life, with production halting in May last year.

5: Isuzu D-Max – 3,154

Still highly-regarded in the commercial sector, the Isuzu D-Max might be getting on a bit now, but it’s still got a solid base of fans. Sill, but a shortage of supply at the end of 2020 undoubtedly impacted registrations. A new model arrives this year but a delay until that arrives in serious numbers means 2021 could be a struggle for Isuzu.

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4: Nissan Navara – 4,730

Sales have dropped year on year, leaving the once-popular Nissan Navara languishing in fourth place. A mild update in 2019 improved the pickup, which has always been a strong option, but a slump in demand across Europe and the closure of the Spanish factory later this year could spell the end for the Navara.

3: Mitsubishi L200 – 5,456
The Mitsubishi L200 is the third best-selling pickup truck in the UK

The latest generation Mitsubishi L200 has been received well, but that’s not translated to sales, with registrations dropping by 46.2% against 2019. That might have something to do with Mitsubishi announcing that it’s leaving the UK and knocking confidence, as there’s plenty of stock available. Rescue deals have come to nothing, so 2021 looks like being equally difficult.

2: Toyota Hilux – 5,927
The Toyota Hilux is the second best-selling pickup truck in the UK

The eighth-generation Toyota Hilux received a facelift at the very end of the year, but that was too late to impact sales significantly. However, with 5,927 sales, Toyota has outperformed the market – in a market down 32.7%, a drop of just 9.6% on last year’s sales is impressive. The revised model, with its impressive 2.8-litre engine that provides significantly more power,r will undoubtedly help the Hilux gain more customers in 2021.

1: Ford Ranger – 13,097
The Ford Ranger is the best-selling pickup truck in the UK

Despite the testing times, the Ford Ranger remains the best-selling pickup truck in the UK, shifting 13,097 units through the year and ending up with a larger market share than at any point in the last five years. After almost ten years on sale, the continued success of the Ranger is impressive; a wide range of models, from workhorse single cabs to luxurious double cabs, with road-focused and lifestyle-friendly models in the mix, ensures its continuing popularity.

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