Britain’s Strongest Man vs Electric Roll Cover

We all know how handy a roll cover can be, but most have countless disclaimers about not putting any weight on them, reducing their usefulness a little. The EGR RollTrac electric cover is built tougher than many, something the company demonstrated with the help of Britain’s strongest man.

Adam Bishop, strong man and strength and conditioning coach for the Harlequins rugby team, was persuaded to take part in the challenge by ex-Wallabies captain James Horwill. By happy coincidence, Horwill is also a director for the EGR Group.

Bishop ably demonstrated the strength of the cover by loading four atlas stones onto it, each weighing in at 100kg. The 400kg of mass resting on the cover was then joined by Bishop himself, taking the total load supported by the cover close to 550kg.

As well as testing the electric cover’s strength, it also underwent a water trial – 2,000 litres of water was poured onto the cover to demonstrate its water-resistant properties. Three ‘criminals’ then attempted to smash through the cover with a crowbar, drill and a Stanley knife to highlight its security

“We wanted to reflect how tough the new cover is, and they don’t come much tougher than Adam!” exclaimed Horwill. “Lifting atlas stones is one of the stand-out tests in strongman competitions for which Adam is famous, so we simply asked him to dump the stones on the cover and then stand on it!

“We know owners are worried about their cover’s integrity, and the risk of contents in the tub being stolen or ruined by water. We’ve shown how EGR RollTrac can cope with the most extreme conditions and scenarios, and demonstrated why we believe we’ve built the best tonneau cover in the world.”

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EGR RollTrac getting abused

“When James told me about the idea I jumped at it,” added Bishop. It’s a great way of showing how rugged the EGR RollTrac roll cover is and, being a big pickup fan myself, it was certainly interesting to see how the cover withstood everything that was thrown at it.”

EGR RollTrac is distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by Storm Xccessories.