VW Amarok Highline specification

Sales of the Volkswagen Amarok have gone through the roof over the past 12 months, largely thanks to the new 3.0TDi V6 engine. But with two trim levels – and a special edition – to choose from, which is the best model for you? Read our Volkswagen Amarok Specification GuideContinue Reading

Mitsubishi L200 Off-Road

The Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian is the top of the range model in the L200 line-up, and is aimed heavily at the lifestyle sector. Series 5 models were launched in the summer of 2015, and are competitively priced at £24,299 plus VAT. With around 8,000 unit sales per year, the MitsubishiContinue Reading

Mitsubishi L200 or Isuzu D-Max

The Isuzu D-Max and Mitsubishi L200 are two of the best-selling pickups in the UK, and both perform well in the agricultural industries. Our Editor, Liam Campbell, examines the lifestyle and working advantages of both machines to determine which vehicle is best for you, your family and your business. RangeContinue Reading

Mitsubishi L200 towing

Towing is a huge part of a pickup’s working life, with almost three in four pickups having a tow bar fitted at three years old. We put the towing capabilities of the double cab Mitsubishi L200 to the test in this long-term update. Mitsubishi L200 towing capacity Unlike most modernContinue Reading

Mitsubishi L200 load area

As they are commercial vehicles, pickup trucks require a large and practical load area to fulfil their duties. In this long term update, we look at the size and capabilities of the Mitsubishi L200’s load area. Mitsubishi L200 load area dimensions The load area of the Mitsubishi L200 double cabContinue Reading

Mitsubishi L200 off-road

With financing being the most common way of acquiring a commercial vehicle nowadays, we’d thought we’d examine the in-house Mitsubishi L200 finance offers. Mitsubishi provides two main funding choices; PCP for personal users and contract hire for business users. Mitsubishi L200 finance – Business Many business buyers opt for contractContinue Reading

Mitsubishi L200 Off-Road

For a great number of pickup operators, off-road driving is part and parcel of their work, so a good 4WD system and off-road are paramount. Editor Liam Campbell takes our Mitsubishi L200 off-road, and compares it to the other players in the market. Chassis When reviewing a vehicle’s off-road capabilities,Continue Reading

Mitsubishi L200 fuel economy

Mitsubishi introduced the newly-developed 2.4D-ID into the L200 Series 5, which replaced the veteran 2.4-litre engine of the Series 4. According to the official NEDC figures, the new engine is far more efficient, but how does that relate to real world driving on our L200 Barbarian Long-Termer? Read this MitsubishiContinue Reading

Mitsubishi L200 interior

There are four Mitsubishi L200 specs to choose from, ranging from the utilitarian 4Life to the luxurious Barbarian. Prices and specifications vary quite a lot, and this article breaks down what exactly you’re getting for your money. Mitsubishi L200 4Life The Mitsubishi L200 4Life is aimed at the utilitarian endContinue Reading