Focus-Based Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Revealed

Ford has been preparing a Focus-based pickup for some time, but it’s going to be more truck-like than we expected, and will wear the Maverick name.

The C2 platform that underpins the current Focus hatchback has been used as the basis of the revived Bronco SUV in the States, and now looks like it will underpin a new compact pickup.

Spy shots of the vehicle, published on the Maverick Truck Club forum without any details on their source, appear to show the new truck at an almost production-ready stage of development.

Interestingly, the car-like form of early renderings has proven to be entirely incorrect, with the vehicle wearing a body that’s far more closely related in style to the large US-market F-150 pickup. An upright grille and traditional pickup shape produce a visual that’s bulkier than the trucks compact dimensions might suggest.

The rugged style is somewhat misleading, as the vehicle will be more closely related to an SUV than a traditional truck, with a monocoque design rather than body-on-frame. Details such as the ride height also give the game away, especially as there’s a low-hanging exhaust that runs underneath the vehicle. The Ford Maverick is likely to be a lifestyle enabler rather than a commercial proposition for professional users.

The Ford Maverick name is all but confirmed too, thanks to patent applications made last year, as well as detailed spy shots showing ‘VER’ lettering through a small hole in the camouflage over the tailgate.

Expected to be built alongside the Bronco SUV at Ford’s factory in Hermosillo, Mexico, the Maverick will also form the basis of a low-cost compact SUV that is earmarked to replace the Ecosport.

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Despite its European-friendly dimensions, and expected low-emission hybrid powertrain, it’s unlikely that the Ford Maverick pickup truck will make it to these shores.