Ford Maverick Compact Pickup Caught Undisguised

The Ford Maverick has been caught undisguised, revealing the compact Focus-based pickup in its entirety.

Pictured in San Diego during the production of a television advert, the images from our friends at show the Maverick with body-coloured front bumper and wheel arches. A piece of black plastic cladding runs from underneath the front bumper, along the side sills, and up to an unusually chunky rear bumper setup.

Ford Maverick compact pickup

The bodywork is clearly inspired by the Ford F-150, with an upright grille and traditional proportions that make the Maverick look larger than it is. However, the Maverick will fit below the Ranger in Ford’s range, with a size that’s closer to a saloon car than a regular pickup truck.

The Ford C2 platform the truck is being built on is shared with the Focus hatchback and Kuga SUV, meaning the Maverick will lack the ultimate off-road capabilities of the larger Ranger. The ground clearance is estimated at 150mm, 87mm lower than the Ranger, while the solid torsion beam rear suspension ensures there’s no prospect of an all-wheel-drive variant.

Ford Maverick compact pickup

Power is expected to be provided by the EcoBoost engines from the Ford cars range. In the US, that includes a 1.5-litre petrol unit that produces 182hp, while a larger 2.0-litre unit increases that to 245hp. A wide range of low-emissions engines could easily be installed for the European market, including the 1.0-litre 150hp engine currently fitted to the Focus.

However, despite its European-friendly dimensions, potentially low emission hybrid powertrains, and a growing lifestyle and leisure market, it’s unlikely that the Ford Maverick compact pickup will make it to these shores. talk about the new model from a US-perspective below.

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