From the model history to dimensions, weights, towing limits and performance, here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Isuzu D-Max.

Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max: Background

Isuzu’s history in the UK traces right back to the 1980s with the Trooper. Its first pickup, the Faster, was introduced not too long afterwards but it wasn’t until the Rodeo was introduced in 2002 that sales of Isuzu’s pickups started to accelerate in the UK.

The Isuzu Rodeo was consistently one of the best-selling pickups the UK, available with a choice of either a 2.5 or 3.0-litre diesel engine.

The Isuzu D-Max broke cover in 2012 and was the second pickup truck in the UK, after the Ford Ranger, to offer a 3.5-tonne towing capacity. Available with just a 2.5-litre engine, the D-Max was favoured among the agricultural industries, with many of the brand’s dealers being based in rural areas.

A mid-life refreshed model was introduced in 2017, with a downsized 1.9-litre engine and a range of equipment upgrades. The engine is by far the smallest on the market, but Isuzu has altered the gear ratios so that it still pulls remarkably well.

Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max: Prices and Insurance

Single CabExt. CabDouble CabXTRAT35
Price from (CV OTR)£19,714*£20,514£21,314£34,504£40,500
Price from (OTR)£23,592*£24,552£25,512£41,340£48,536
Insurance group from39A39A39A42A42E
* 4×2 from £17,414 CV OTR, £20,832 OTR.

Isuzu D-Max: Vehicle Dimensions

DimensionsSingle CabExt. CabDouble CabXTRAT35
Length (mm)5,3155,2955,2955,3955,295
Width (mm)1,860*1,8601,8601,9251,930
Height (mm)1,780*1,7801,785**1,8451,980
Front overhang (mm)905905905990905
Rear overhang (mm)1,3151,2951,2951,3401,295
Wheelbase (mm)3,0953,0953,0953,0953,095
Track (mm)1,570*1,5701,5701,5901,680
Ground clearance (mm)225225225**250290
Approach angle (deg)3030303244
Departure angle (deg)222222**2524
Ramp angle (deg)2222222432
Tilt angle (deg)4949494949
Wading depth (mm)600*600600N/A700
* 4×2 model width 1,775mm, height 1,685mm, track 1,510mm and wading depth 400mm.
** Yukon and Utah height 1,795mm, ground clearance 235mm and departure angle 23 deg.

Isuzu D-Max: Load Bed Specifications

Load BedSingle CabExt. CabDouble CabXTRAT35
Length (mm)2,3051,7951,4851,4851,485
Width (mm)1,5701,5301,5301,5301,530
Depth (mm)440465465465465
Width between arches (mm)1,1001,1001,1001,100

Isuzu D-Max: Weights and Towing

MeasureSingle CabExt. CabDouble CabXTRAT35
Kerb weight from (kg)1,836*1,8881,9091,9612,056
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)3,050*3,0503,0503,1003,160
Payload up to (kg)1,214*1,1621,1411,1391,104
Max front axle (kg)1,350*1,3501,3501,3501,350
Max rear axle (kg)1,8701,8701,8701,8701,870
Trailer weight braked (kg)3,500*3,5003,5003,5003,500
Trailer weight unbraked (kg)750750750750750
Nose weight (kg)245*245245245245
Gross Train Weight (kg)6,000*6,0006,0006,0006,000
* 4×2 kerb weight from 1,718kg, GVW 3,000kg, payload 1,282kg, front axle 1,250kg, braked trailer 2,500kg, nose weight 100kg, GTW 5,500kg.

Isuzu D-Max: Performance and Economy

MeasureSingle CabExt. CabDouble CabXTRAT35
Engine (cc)1,8981,8981,8981,8981,898
Power (hp)164164164164164
Torque (Nm)360360360360360
0-62 mph (secs)12.712.712.712.7
Max speed (mph)112112112112112
Combined economy from^ (mpg)40.4*40.440.440.440.4
CO2 emissions from (g/km)183*183183183183
^ NEDC measurements.
* 4×2 economy 45.6mpg, CO2 emission 163g/km.

All information correct at time of publication. See for latest information.