Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup: Simple Is Best

After completing the purchase of GM’s factory in Ohio last year, Lordstown Motors has revealed more information about its planned Endurance electric pickup truck.

While the coronavirus pandemic is being blamed for a delay in its on-sale date, Lordstown is confident in being able to bring the full-size Endurance to market for as little as $52,500 (£43,000).

Lordstown has now partnered with Slovenian company Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, licencing its L-1500 Endurance in-wheel motors to provide propulsion for the all-electric truck. The ex-GM factory, located in Lordstown, Ohio, will manufacture both the motors and the pickup truck.

The Lordstown Endurance electric pickup

In-Wheel Motor Benefits

The in-wheel motors should allow for some serious off-road capability, but they also enable Lordstown to build a simple, good value product. The body-on-chassis design is conventional and cheap to produce, while moving the motors to within the wheels ensures there are fewer moving parts in the vehicle.

However, placing motors in the wheels adds unsprung mass which can make tuning ride and handling capabilities difficult. Additionally, it exposes the units to damage from terrain, but various companies now feel the design is ready for widespread adoption.

The Lordstown Endurance electric pickup

Electric Trucks Are Good for Commercials

Having a conventional chassis also means placing battery packs is an easy task. We belive the Endurance will come with a 75kWh battery, enough to provide a range of up to 250 miles. This pack will feed the four motors, each putting out 150hp, for a total output of 600hp. Straight-line performance should be punchy, while towing capacity is expected to be 3,500kg.

Fleet and commercial buyers are Lordstown’s targets, with a promise that the total cost of ownership will be lower than any of its rivals. The zero-emission nature of the truck will also appeal to those venturing into the city, both from environmental and congestion charging perspectives.

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The Lordstown Endurance electric pickup

Lordstown Endurance Availability

Originally planned to be launched at this summer’s Detroit motor show, the coronavirus pandemic has seen that show cancelled and development slowed. However, Lordstown is targetting January 2021 for the first customer deliveries, less than two years after the company was formed.

There are many electric pickup trucks coming to market soon, with the Rivian R1T expected to arrive slightly later than the Lordstown model, while the Tesla Cybertruck won’t be seen until the end of the year. Ford is working on an all-electric F-150, the conventionally powered version of which is the best-selling vehicle in the US.

There is currently no information on UK availability.