Next-Gen Nissan Navara Teased

Nissan has announced its much-needed restructuring plan, Nissan Next, and inadvertently revealed the first images of the next-gen Navara at the same time.

Don’t get too excited though, as the Navara was revealed in a shadowy glimpse in the middle of a longer video (scroll to the bottom of the page to see it) detailing Nissan’s plans for the next 18 months.

Various silhouettes of future Nissan models pass by giant letters, each hinting at what’s coming up in the future. As the letter N passes by, a shadowy mid-size pickup truck moves from right to left, and that’s the new Navara.

Next-Gen Navara: Styling

Sadly, no amount of Photoshop work can bring out much detail – trust us, we’ve tried – but it dies reveal a little more detail about the design path the new model is taking. Dual daytime running lights at the front sit alongside an upright, matte-finished grille. The bonnet is strengthened with some ridges and creases, adding some visual interest.

The upswept side windows on the rear pair of doors remain, but the shape as a whole takes on a more aggressive, bulky stance. Despite that, Nissan has already promised that this will be more aerodynamically efficient than the current model.

This is the next-gen Nissan Navara

Next-Gen Navara: What Do We Know?

Nissan took a controlling stake in Mitsubishi in 2017, and has decided that the next-generation Navara will share a platform with the L200 pickup. While Mitsubishi will take the lead in developing the platform, both companies will then develop their own product from that.

“Instead of two different platforms, we can have them on the same platform but be completely different products,” expanded Carlos Ghosn, then CEO of Nissan. “The cost of development and purchasing will be lower. A common platform, but different developments.”

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With the forthcoming closure of the Nissan factory in Barcelona, where the Navara and its siblings, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and Renault Alaskan, are built, production will have to move elsewhere.

Both Nissan and Mitsubishi have factories in Thailand already producing the current Navara and L200, so it makes sense to expand capacity there. However, with tariffs now removed on Japanese imports into the EU, many manufacturers are moving production back to Japan.

Next-Gen Navara: When Will We See It?

Nissan has just given the Navara a light facelift, and a slightly more significant mechanical update, so there’s life in the pickup truck yet. Likewise, the latest Series 6 version of the Mitsubishi L200 is just a year old and will need to see service for some years yet. As such, don’t expect to see a new Navara before 2023, and the L200 perhaps beyond that.

Next-Gen Navara: How Much Will It Cost?

It’s way too early to tell, but savings in the cost of development and efficiencies of scale should ensure prices don’t move too far from their current levels.

Next-Gen Navara: The Video