Rocket Powered Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Available Soon…

A limited-edition Ford F-150 pickup truck with rocket boosters and glowing wheels goes on sale next week.

Thanks to a collaboration with Psyonix, the Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition will see the popular pickup truck available to use in an oversized football match held in a giant enclosed cage.

Sadly, the truck is just a virtual product available within the popular Rocket League multiplayer video game, where vehicles take centre stage to compete in chaotic football matches. For the older players amongst us, it’s a cross between Destruction Derby, FIFA and Speedball, and is available to play, free of charge, on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition

The game, a sequel to 2008’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, offers in-game purchases, with Ford’s F-150 Rocket League Edition available to buy between 20 and 28 February for 1,500 credits (approximately £10). The bundle also includes a chairman decal, two sets of wheels, boosted engine audio and an F-150 player banner.

The F-150 Rocket League Edition maintains the styling cues of the real-world pickup. The F-150 design team collaborated with designers at Psyonix, basing the in-game vehicle on the new 2021 Ford F-150 and featuring its signature details from the C-clamp headlight design to the “F-150” logo stamped in the tailgate.

Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition

Ford is the first global automaker to work with Psyonix to create an in-game truck and continues the brand’s wider push into gaming after sponsorships with other titles, such as Forza.

“It had to be an F-150 but one that fits within Psyonix’ extreme virtual world pairing soccer and mayhem,” said Ehab Kaoud, chief designer, Ford trucks. “F-150 is already the most popular truck in the real world, and this F-150 Rocket League Edition is poised to be the most popular truck in the gaming world, too. It’s Built Ford Tough meets gaming.”

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Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition

The crossover between the real world F-150 and the virtual reality of the Rocket League follows Ford’s collaboration between Team Fordzilla, the company’s e-sports team, and the European gaming community, which led to the creation of the P1 Project virtual race car in 2019.

“It’s been a great collaborative effort between the Ford and Psyonix teams,” said Phil Piliero, vice president, co-studio head, Psyonix. “We learned about the Built Ford Tough DNA, and Ford embraced the customization of rocket-powered cars, resulting in a true one-of-a-kind Rocket League F-150. We’re also excited to welcome Ford as presenting sponsor for the Rocket League Championship Series Winter Majors, the first automaker sponsor of our esports league.”