Amarok Takes on Spirit of Africa 4×4 Challenge in 40 Seconds

The Volkswagen Amarok is the vehicle of choice for the toughest 4×4 challenge in South Africa: Sarel van der Merwe’s Spirit of Africa Trophy.

Year after year, the Volkswagen Amarok proves that it is tough enough to handle the most demanding speed and technical driving challenges that racing legend Sarel can muster.

The Spirit of Amarok challenge is the only amateur 4×4 championship with international status. Qualifying teams from around the world go head-to-head behind the wheel of their Volkswagen Amarok to decide which team are the top amateur off-road precision driving champions.

Enthusiasts are chosen to represent their country at the premier international off-raoding final. The mettle of competitors is tested on a course in Africa designed by rally and track racing legend, Sarel van der Merwe, in the only 100% German-engineered pickup truck: the Volkswagen Amarok.

Volkswagen tells us that this 4×4 driving challenge is named The Spirit of Amarok for good reason; ‘Amarok’ is the giant wolf of ancient Inuit mythology, and a fitting symbol of the qualities of patience, strength and determination that the winning team must demonstrate. The winners of the International Spirit of Amarok take home the coveted Wolf Trophy.

You can find out more about the Spirit of Amarok challenge right here.

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