Top Five: Tightest Turning Circle Double-Cab Pickup Trucks

There’s no such thing as a compact pickup truck, and that can make manoeuvring tricky at times, so a tight turning circle could be essential to some buyers.

With even the smallest truck measuring more than five metres in length, navigating historic city centres or making a turn between trees in a forest can prove difficult, so we’ve looked at the turning circles for every pickup truck o sale to bring you the most manoeuvrable models.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is the toughest truck to turn, taking a tanker-like 13.4 metres to switch from one direction to another. Marginally better is the Volkswagen Amarok which requires 13.0 metres to make the same turn. The Toyota Hilux knocks another 20cm off the space required, needing 12.8 metres to go through 10 degrees. Interestingly, despite being the basis of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, the Nissan Navara pickup is significantly more nimble, with a turning circle of just 12.4 metres.

5: Ford Ranger – 12.4m

Needing 12.4 metres to turn around, the Ford Ranger sits right in the middle between the best and worst trucks. However, considering the Ranger is the second-longest truck on sale, that’s quite a feat and enough to take the fifth place space on our list.

4: Isuzu D-Max – 12.2m

Arguably the toughest truck, the D-Max adds decent manoeuvrability to its off-road prowess and towing ability. If you’re caught in the woods and need to retrace your steps, you’ll need a clearing just 12.2 metres wide to make the turn. That’s enough to secure it fourth place.

3: SsangYong Musso LWB – 12.2m

SsangYong has extended the Musso to create a long-wheelbase version that matches the load space capabilities of its rivals, but the extra 310mm has impacted its manoeuvring abilities. At 12.2 metres, it requires the same space as the D-Max, but its extra bulk moves it ahead.

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SsangYong Musso LWB pickup has third best turning circle

2: Ssangyong Musso – 11.8m

As the smallest pickup truck on sale, and 310mm shorter than its LWB sibling, you’d expect that the SsangYong Musso would also have a suitably compact turning circle. Needing just 11.8m of space to complete a turn, it’s joint best in class, but its diminutive size means it misses out on the top spot.

SsangYong Musso pickup turning circle tighter than the Musso LWB

1: Mitsubishi L200 – 11.8m

Mitsubishi claims that the L200 has a best-in-class turning circle, and the tape measure backs that up. While it matches the SsangYong Musso, the fact that the L200 is a longer and larger vehicle, measuring 5,225mm from bumper to bumper, means it gets the win from us.

Mitsubishi L200 - the pickup truck with the best turning circle