Toyota Hilux Chosen for West Yorkshire Fire Service

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has taken delivery of 32 new Toyota Hilux pickup trucks that will improve its emergency response and offer more flexibility in delivering fire prevention across the region.

The public will see the new Fire Service marked Toyota Hilux vehicles out on the roads of West Yorkshire being utilised to respond to emergencies alongside, not instead of, the usual fire engines.

The new vehicles will enable the right people with the right skills to be exactly where they are needed, when they are needed.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Toyota Hilux
Image: West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

For any property fire, WYFRS send three fire engines on a blue light response, with a watch manager taking a Hilux. However, for less serious fires where there are no risks to life or property, the crew will attend on a fire engine and deal with the fire, leaving the watch manager free to deliver fire safety work elsewhere.

With a satellite overview of all vehicles and fire engines, the control room staff are able to mobilise the appropriate response and get to emergencies as quickly as possible.

“We are really pleased to have the addition of these vehicles to our fleet as they will allow Watch Managers to have the freedom of movement across the areas in which they work,” explained area manager, Scott Donegan. “This also means Watch Managers won’t be tied up at smaller scale fires where their skills are not required, providing them more time to dedicate to other community safety initiatives and fire prevention work in their communities.

“The new 4×4 vehicles have only been in operation for a couple of weeks and we have already seen the benefits of them being able to assist us in gaining access to incidents that are off the beaten track and to transport vital equipment in support of firefighting activities.”

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West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Toyota Hilux fleet
Image: West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

The new vehicles will carry basic first aid and scene safety equipment. Each of the vehicles also has a tow bar which will allow them to deliver specialist units to wherever they are required across West Yorkshire.