CLOSED: Win with Truck of the Year: Reader’s Choice

We’re preparing the latest Professional Pickup & 4×4 awards, with results to be announced in January, but this year we want you involved which is why we’re introducing the Reader’s Choice award.

We might thoroughly test the trucks, but it’s you that really knows them best, which is why we’d like to know which of the trucks available over the last year is your favourite.

This could be for any reason; perhaps you’re a fleet operator who rates total cost of ownership above everything else, or maybe you demand the maximum off-road ability from your truck. Load-lugging could be your thing, or you expect road manners akin to an SUV.

Pickup of the Year awards winner of 2019. Reader's Choice award new for 2021.
The Professional Pickup & 4×4 Truck of the Year 2019: The Ford Ranger

Whatever your reasoning, let us know. To thank you, we’ll be picking random entries to give one of several prizes to, from dashboard cameras and personal breathalysers to Grand Tour merchandise and Lego kits.

The Professional Pickup & 4×4 Awards are chosen by a committee of experienced industry experts, now extending to users with the Reader’s Choice award. They are the only pickup awards in the industry that focus on professional and commercial users and are delivered by a fiercely independent title, which means they can be trusted to represent the best in the industry.