Turning Cars To Concepts: Five Luxury Models Reimagined as a Pickup

There’s not a huge amount of innovation in pickup truck design – three boxes, aggressive grille – but what happens if you take luxury road cars and turn them into something more rugged?

Our friends at Lease Fetcher though it was worth investigating, so they selected a range of five different luxury cars that would add an unorthodox sprinkle of spice to the pickup truck mix.

None of the luxury manufacturers that have made the cut have yet to enter the pickup market (although Tesla has its Cybertruck coming and is promising a smaller, European friendly model) so Lease Fetcher thought it’d be fun to take the cars and show them what they’re missing out on!

Audi TT

The TT has to be one of the more iconic sports cars that has ever graced our roads, despite its humble underpinnings. It’s been putting style ahead of function since 1998, but the quattro drivetrain and later updates have turned the TT from a fashion icon to a genuine sports car.

The Audi TT pick-up spent lockdown on the hunt for the perfect camping spot in the German Alps, at least in our imagination. That orange tint is reminiscent of the Ford Ranger Wildtrack’s paint job, but we can’t help but think the TT truck would be a bit quicker off the mark.

Cars as pickup trucks Audi TT

Jaguar I-Pace

There might be a slew of all-electric pickup trucks heading to the US market, but there’s been no such step made here. However, Jaguar reinvigorated the SUV market by producing the eco-friendly I-Pace, powered by twin electric motors. More than a technical tour de force though, it also won the World Car Awards Car of the Year, Car Design of the Year and Green Car awards in 2019.

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Presented in Caldera Red, the I-Pace pickup – which rolls off the tongue nicely – proves that an aerodynamic design and bold exterior features shouldn’t impact its pickup prowess. It’s ready to off-road, so we’ve imagined the wild Jaguar on a weekend break to the Lake District.

Cars as pickup trucks Jaguar I-Pace

Tesla Model 3

Yes, Tesla has a pickup truck on its way, but it’s not going to be available here. Elon Musk has talked about making something smaller and more suitable for use in Europe, but what if they didn’t have to spend time developing an entirely new model?

Unmissable in Deep Blue Metallic and 19” sport wheels, our two-seater Tesla Model 3 pickup render is a little more conventional than the Cybertruck, and is pictured filling up at a Tesla Supercharging Station after a thirsty trip through the Californian desert.

Cars as pickup trucks Tesla Model 3

Mini Countryman

Owned by the Germans and built by the Dutch, somehow Mini still gets away with pretending its British. It’s given up pretending it’s mini though, with the Countryman being a sizeable SUV.

Keeping the iconic double doors at the rear, our rendering of the Mini Countryman looks like it’ll be a hit with the lifestyle crowd – there’s got to be room for a bike or two and a barbecue in the back, hasn’t there?

Cars as pickup trucks Mini Countryman

BMW i3

Recycled plastics, bamboo, suicide doors, an electric motor – the BMW i3 is unlike any other car on the road, while also being one of the most distinctive.

We’ve imagined that the i3 Pickup has all-wheel drive, and placed it at the foothills of the snow-filled German Alps. No matter how well suited it is to finding some off-piste action, those suicide doors needed to remain if it was ever going be turned into a pickup.

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Cars as pickup trucks BMW i3