Long Term Update: Volkswagen Amarok Towing Capacity and Information

The Volkswagen Amarok towing capacity is limited to just 3.1 tonnes on the 204hp and 258hp engines, and 3.0 tonnes on the 163hp engine.

Along with the Fiat Fullback, this is the lowest in the pickup sector with the vast majority now offering the full 3.5 tonnes.

Volkswagen Amarok: Towing Performance

Powered by a 3.0TDi V6 engine (which is the most powerful unit in the sector) and employing durable leaf springs and a body-on-frame design, the Volkswagen Amarok tows 3.5t more comfortably than any other pickup but, for some reason, the engineers at Volkswagen have decided to play it safe and restrict the towing capacity to 3,100kg.

Furthermore, the Amarok’s colossal 2.2 tonnes kerb weight means it is less susceptible to ‘waggy tail’, and even features Trailer Stabilisation (better known as trailer sway control) which reduces the chance of jack-knifing and tipping over by gently controlling the braking and reducing the engine torque.

Volkswagen Amarok rear view camera aids towing

Users should also be aware that the Volkswagen Amarok has a gross combination mass (GCM), also known as the gross train mass (GTM), of 6,000kg, like the majority of pickups. Given the 2,178kg kerb weight, drivers can only load their vehicles with 722kg of items (including passengers and equipment in the cab area) to stay within legal operating limits when towing the full 3.1 tonnes allowance.

Volkswagen Amarok: Limited Towing Capacity

Volkswagen Australia has successfully uprated the towing capacity to 3.5t with the authorities without the need to change any components or reengineer, but the European operation has preferred to stick with the conservative figure.

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Volkswagen Amarok 13-pin socket for towing

Hooking up is easy thanks to the rearview camera, which shows the tow bar and means you can easily guide it next to the towing eye of the trailer. Customers should be aware that the Amarok is fitted with a 13-pin connector plug as standard, so a converter will be required for those with a 7-pin connection on their trailers.